240 Volvo LSx motor mounts RHD


$ 400.00



For many years people have been swapping small block Chevy 350 in Volvo 240 since I've started getting into Volvos since 2007. I've decided instead of using a old carbureted Chevy motor I designed to put a more reliable and modern engine in a Volvo. What I did is used a LSx based V8 found in various motor sizes 4.8L, 5.3L and 6.0L. Design for a direct bolt on from a truck with all accessories, PS alternator and intake into your Volvo. The truck intake manifold will not fit a flathood style hood. A intake from a V8 equipped car like a corvette intake would be need to be installed. 


These mounts are made out of 6061 billet Aluminum, with a black anodized finish. 

All hardware is cleared zinc

Poly rubber bushings are made by energy suspension  

With these mounts all the GM trucks accessories clears 240 engine bay (except the truck intakes will not fit flathoods.) 


With these motor mounts there are some additional parts required.  Holley oil pan to clear the cross member and the Hooker cast iron headers to clear the body and steering shaft.

Holley Oil Pan #302-1: Click here for an example.

Hooker Cast Iron Headers #8501 HKR: Click here for an example.

Oil pan and headers are not included 


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