740-940 1983-1995 Chassis

LH 2.4 20 lbs Flat flywheels notched 60-2 Redblock 240 740 940


$ 250.00


We bought more core flywheels as of today they are coming in the mail, once we received them we will start machining them.


Our flat LH 2.4 60-2 notched flywheel weighs 20 lbs. compared to the stock LH 2.4 dog dish flywheel, which weighs 32 lbs. These flywheels make a huge difference by significantly reducing the overall weight of your drivetrain. These flywheels are modified from early stock 240 redblock engines.


Any Redblocks B21 B23 B230

Any 240 740 940 Volvo

LH 2.4 fuel management required 

Aftermarket fuel management Megasquirt or equivalent 

These are NOT  the original 32 lb. dog dish flywheels that have been machined down for weight reduction. These flywheels are a completely different product. 


All of the flywheels have been resurfaced and balanced after machining.

The clutch you need to run on our flywheels are 8.5 disk. For reference any year between 1976-1984 reblocks.


We recommend South bend Clutches

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